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I’m back with another exciting post! I promised to make my posts as regular as possible so this is me fulfilling my promise.

In this post, I’m talking about formal evening wear for men.
For formal evening, the black tie dress code is the gold standard. The most important tip is to keep it simple. The attire should be tailored to perfection and fit like a glove- it should neither be too tight or too baggy.

The classic evening attire has the following components :
1) Jacket : Single breasted dinner jackets in black, deep midnight blue, white or off white are acceptable. Opt for clean, sleek lines and keep the look minimalist.
A well tailored black tuxedo is the best option for a classic look but you could also do cream as I have in this post.

The tux can also be made out of velvet to give it that vintage reference.
For the lapels, they could either be peak or shawl style but the peak lapel is more popular as it works with different body types and height.
Ideally, the jackets should have no vents at all ( closed back) but side vents are allowed.

2) Trousers : The blazer should go with a grounding, black pair of trousers. It’s important to ensure your trousers aren’t hemmed and aren’t too long or too short.

3) The Shirt : A classic white turn down collared shirt in high quality fabric is what you should opt for. It should be properly tailored and fit very well.

4) The Dress Shoe : Patent leather dress suits are suitable- as seen in this post-and will help give the entire look an elegant finish.

5) Bow Tie : Bow ties are an important part of formal evening wear. It could be made out of silk or velvet depending on what you like. The self-tie bow tie is the best way to go but if that’s unavailable, you can go for the already tied ones.

Accessories : You can choose to add suspenders- to keep your trousers up all evening, a waistcoat or a cummerbund but remember, you can only wear one at a time and never all or two of them at once.

Wristwatches and rings are not to be worn but if you must wear one, it must be leather and be in a simple design.
The accessorizes should be kept minimal as the focus is on the fabric, tailoring and fit.

What do you like or dislike about this outfit? Leave comments below, Let us start a conversation!

Photography : Amah Afadameh.

Suit : Regium (@Regiumstudios on Instagram)


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