First of all, I would like to clarify the difference between a cravat and an ascot as I have noticed they are often used interchangeably.

A cravat is any cloth that is tied around the neck for decorative purposes. It’s the predecessor of other neckwear like scarves, neckerchief, ascots, ties and bow ties.

The ascot, on the other hand, is a type of cravat but not all cravats are ascots.

Ascots are of two types, a formal ascot and a more casual day/informal ascot. The formal ascot got its name from the royal ascot which is a British elitist horse race competition where people wear formal morning attire to attend but they are hardly worn anymore because they could make you appear old fashioned. The informal ascot is the more popular version of the ascot. It became popular in the 1930’s as a casual, nonchalant version to a tie. It was worn when the regular necktie and bowtie were too formal and people wanted something less formal. It can be worn with almost any outfit as it quite flexible and also a great way to express style.

These days, things are often more casual and the ascot is a great way to not look sloppy but elegant. It’s a great choice of neckwear if you don’t like tight collars around your neck as you have to wear it open and it makes your outfit much dressier and more relaxed at the same time. It is important to get a printed ascot and not jacquard or woven as the later easily pulls thread which could ruin your ascot.
It should be soft as it’s worn right next to your skin so that you don’t feel uncomfortable or itchy. In terms of pattern, you can go bold and colourful because it’s a more casual accessory and of course, it must match with your outfit. You can pair large patterns with a solid shirt or small patterned shirt and solid blazer/jacket and solid coloured ascot with a patterned jacket or shirt.

For this post, I am wearing an off-white two-piece suit and black suede shoe with gold studs. My choice of neckwear is a white cravat. I am wearing gold accessories which help to solidify the look. This look is appropriate when you have an event to attend that has semi-casual or smart casual as the dress code.


How would you style your cravat? Leave your comments and let’s talk fashion!
Two-piece suit: @regiumstudios
Shoes: Made in collaboration with Emperor Soles @emperor_soles (15% discount with IOJR15)
Photography: Paul Maestro Studios @paul_maestro
Location: Noir Restaurant @NoirLagos


  1. Sandra from Spoo-Design says:

    I think a caravat is one of the few true accessoires for men, with which they can play around. The one on the photos is very beautiful and elegant! – But also I like when it is just funny – to a “serious” suit.
    It can be an interesting statement of who you truly are beyond the business cloth.

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