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Now, to the main business *wide grin*
I’m wearing a navy blue, pinstriped, three piece suit. It was once the reserve of bankers and businessmen but it’s now slowly making its way into mainstream formal wear. It can now be worn to more places other than boardrooms and business lunch meetings.

It can be worn by anyone as long as they feel comfortable but be aware that vertical stripes tend to have an elongating effect. Fash tip for my “not so tall”readers who want to appear taller. Thank me later. But really tall people would appear too tall- almost imposing, so I would advice- no pinstripe suits- I’m sure you don’t want to look like a moving building lol. There are still arguments as to if its proper to wear for casual setting or at an ultra- formal event. But I think you can wear a pinstripe waist coat or pants as a part of a dressed down outfit. It’s very fashion forward.


Here are a few tips on how to style your pinstripe suit-

1)Remember, less is always more.- of the three key components of your outfit i.e- suit, tie and shirt- only two should be of a similar pattern. So if your suit and tie is striped, then your shirt should be a block colour. It’s also possible to wear all three striped but it’s much harder and a little mistake would lead to a fash disaster. But make sure the striped pattern on each of the three items is of a different width.


2) Match the colour of your pinstripe to your shirt. It adds cohesion to your overall look but subtle enough that majority of people won’t even notice.

3) Accessorize! – this is my favorite part. Lol.
You can accessorize with pocket squares and cuff links as I have done in this post. If you are daring, you can add the collar chain too. Don’t forget your wrist watch- it is a major accessory for a gentlemen- Preferably stainless steel as it works best for a pinstripe suit.



A big thank you to the amazing photographer Kadara Enyeasi. I really love the concept of the shoot.image

Tell me what you think about my outfit and also how would you style/ wear your favorite pinstripe suit? Let’s interact- I would love to hear from you!


I O JR. xx


  1. Mr. Shine says:

    Up until recently, I hadn’t been a FAN of the three piece suit combo… I mean, I admired it from a distance but always felt it wasn’t reflective of my personal style (it seemed too structured). That aside, I think everyone would agree it does have a way of giving a guy a distinguished look…

    I particularly like the detailing on the fabric. The little blue and grey lines gives a sort of cool and quirky vibe…. 😊

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