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I am back again! *wide grin* *slight wave* . I am glad the year is off to a great start for all of us. I see everyone’s making big moves and that makes me a happy child. I told y’all, this year is gonna be a great one! Anyways, Let’s get back to business.1-IMG_0273-001


In this post,I’m exploring the delicious color- BROWN!

Brown is a composite color. It’s made by combining red,black and yellow or red, yellow and blue- hereby, making it a tertiary color. It’s seen widely in nature-wood, soil and also human hair color, eye color and of course, skin pigmentation.1-IMG_0292

Brown, like other colors, has different hues|shades. In this post, I have used different hues- Chocolate Brown and Copper Brown. Chocolate brown is the darker shade while  copper brown is the lighter shade1-IMG_0285

You should also notice how I have layered the hues-from a dark shade to a lighter shade as you go lower.1-IMG_0311

Fashion tip : You can combine different shades of the same color, arranging them in order of increasing or decreasing intensity- as you please. 1-IMG_0312

I have used gold accessories because I love the way it contrasts against brown, giving the outfit an opulent finish. I also have a bias towards gold. *covers face* – I love gold accessories; it can’t be overemphasized.1-IMG_0328

Shoes: Asos

Blazers: H&M

Pants: H&M

1-IMG_02721-IMG_03301-IMG_03011-IMG_03061-IMG_0323 1-IMG_0324

Photography :By the amazing Obinna Omeruo – He’s a talented illustrator and budding designer.  You can connect with him here .1-IMG_0297

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