Hey guys! How’s the holidays coming? I smell Christmas in the air! I’m so excited-  maybe not. Bleh! Lol Anyways, I have been featured alongside 11 other amazingly talented creatives and bloggers for Fashion Diaries’s( Fashdiaries) 12 days of Christmas series. Please follow the direct link Here to view.
It is some cheer and inspiration for the season. I aimed for the preppy look- for all those black tie events and formal end of year / Christmas parties. I would love to know what you think. Please like, comment and of course, Share!. It’s  only courteous to do so. Happy Holidays.- Merry Christmas and a great  new year ahead. I O JR. xxx

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Ifeanyi Okafor Jr

Ifeanyi Okafor Jr is a fashion and style enthusiast and a Dental Surgery student in his penultimate year. He's has dabbled in different parts of fashion which include fashion production,styling and writing and he's currently a personal style blogger who blogs at He has been featured in top blogs in his home country- Nigeria, which include bellanaija, onobello, city people, September standard to mention but a few. He thinks style is an identity and should be unique- what stands you out in a crowd. He would love for you to connect with him through Facebook/ LinkedIn- Ifeanyi Okafor Jr, Instagram/ Twitter- @ifeanyiokaforjr and his blog-


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