Most guys are at sea with what to wear when they get an invitation which has smart casual as the dress code. I would like us to see the dress code as somewhere between formal and informal (casual) wear. It would involve the right mix of formal and casual wear.Please, consider the following points when putting together a smart causal look;

  • It would most likely involve you wearing a blazer or jacket which could be structured or non-structured, a pair of trousers or chinos, a shirt with a collar and a pair of smart shoes- not trainers or sandals. You can also wear polo shirts and jeans but that would be referred to as a less formal smart casual wear.
  • Comfortable shoes are allowed but never wear flipflops. It’s okay to wear driving shoes or a pair of loafers.
  • You can wear lighter colours unlike formal outfits which mostly restricts you to darker colours.
  • If you are unsure of the dress code, err on the side of formal. As the saying goes, it’s better to be overdressed than under dressed (I paraphrased lol).
  • Also, ironing your clothes can make a whole world of difference!
  • Finally, fit is everything! It’s the fit that makes for a perfect smart casual look. As much as possible try to avoid too loose fit clothes as they wouldn’t make you appear smart.

Below, I am showing you three ways to style the smart casual look.

For the first look, I am wearing a checkered blue and black blazer, black shirt, a black pair of jeans and a pair of gold shoes. I have accessorized with gold neck pieces. Notice I have a few buttons undone to give it that relaxed feel.

For the second look, I am wearing a navy-blue blazer, a silk patterned blue and white shirt, a pair of white linen trousers and navy-blue loafers. I have accessorised with a gold brooch. Notice, I also a few buttons undone to give the relaxed feel and the clothing items are really light and easy.

For the third and final look, I am wearing a short sleeved tribal print shirt, a pair of white linen trousers and a pair of burgundy mules. I have accessorised with neck pieces.

In all my looks, my shirts are tucked in and my clothes are properly ironed; it’s important for the smart causal look.

Thank you for reading and I trust you would come back!


Photography – Femi Akeusola (@femiakeusola on Instagram)

Black Shirt -Vintage Muse (@_vintagemuse on Instagram)

Tribal print shirt – Vintage Muse (@_vintagemuse on Instagram)

White linen pants – Ili (@ili.official on Instagram)

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